The camping program at Horton Center depends on the help of volunteers each summer. This is a faith mentoring program. Please help vitalize our ministry with the gift of your time.

So what is it like to be a volunteer counselor at Horton Center?  First and foremost, it’s about making sure that each camper is safe, welcomed, and having the best week of their summer!  From the start, you’ll be supported by the Deans (volunteer leaders, 1-2 per session), and the Summer Staff.  You’ll go through an online training session before camp to help you prepare for your time on Pine Mountain.  The Deans of your session will prepare you for your time at camp, communicating with you throughout the spring. You will be asked to attend several planning meetings in the spring or early summer.

You’ll arrive at camp the day before the campers to connect with your co-counselors, Deans, and go through additional camp-led training. When the campers arrive, the fun begins! Two counselors stay in each cabin.  Counselors go through the day with their campers, sometimes co-leading activities.  We make sure you get a rest in the afternoon, and regular check-ins with the Deans and other Counselors.  Afternoon and evening programs are a blend of counselor led and staff led activities.

You’ll leave at the end of the session after the last child has been picked up.

Being a volunteer counselor at Horton Center is fun, tiring yet energizing, and can have a deep impact on the life of a camper, as well as the Volunteer Counselors and Deans!

Feel free to e-mail the camp office, or call us at 603-545-9660 to volunteer or ask questions. Let us know if you are interested in a particular date or age group. See our camp schedule!

You will be matched with a camp session leader or a Dean in need of volunteers.

Volunteer Forms now Online!

All counselors and volunteers working with youth at Horton Center are required to fill out several forms which are now online.  Because we are doing them online for the first time, EVERYONE must go online and fill out these 6 forms, even if you have done the paper ones in the past.

Here’s how: Online Forms Instructions.

Click here to go online and: Fill Out Online Volunteer Forms

Once your forms are online, this will be way easier in the future to just update or indicate they are still accurate, so please bear with us as we make this leap into the digital world!

Here’s a list of the forms you’ll fill out online:

  1. Volunteer Application (formerly titled, “Volunteer Profile”).
  2. Voluntary Disclosure Statement
  3. Health Form 4 (Adult Health Form)
  4. Background Check
  5. Online Training
  6. New in 2020: DCYF central-registry-search-release NOTE: Pease send completed, notarized form to Horton Center, 140 Sheep Davis Rd, Pembroke NH 03275, NOT to DCYF as the form indicates.

Once you are scheduled for a camp, please go online and fill them out as soon as possible.  Thank you!!

Horton Center Counselorship Application

Please send all Counselorship Applications to: Horton Center, 140 Sheep Davis Rd. Pembroke NH 03275

If you are a Counselor and have an immediate family member attending camp this summer, you can receive a $50 Counselorship ($25 for the half-week long session) toward his or her camp fee. Please, immediate family only. Counselorships are not to be used for oneself. Counselorships must be applied in the same year that you counsel.

Horton Center Counselorship