What campers say

There’s nothing like hearing about Horton Center straight from campers.

Senior High Campers:

 “I learned about cooperation and caring. I was inspired by people coming out of their shell and doing things they didn’t before.” 

“I felt loved, respected, welcomed and valued and learned things about myself.”

“I don’t want to leave!!!”

“Horton Center has made me not only a better person but has influenced me to be myself and not worry about what others think and I really value that.”

“I loved all the staff, deans and counselors here!”

Middle School Campers:

“The camp is beautiful and there are no words to describe the scenery at Pinkham and Chapel Rock.” 


“I have been inspired to change the world.”

“I’ve come back for my 4th year now and this is easily the happiest place on Earth.”

And Here's what Tim Hughes, interim executive director says

Horton Center is a sacred outdoor place where campers young and old can come to renew themselves in God’s beautiful creation.

It’s a place to be yourself and know you are accepted.
It’s a place of growth, learning and nurturing.
Through activities like hiking, caving, rock climbing, archery, challenge course, singing and playing music, doing artwork, and more, campers stretch themselves and learn about themselves and one another.
Campers meet friends who they stay connected to for life.
Because this Outdoor Ministry program is based on creating intentional, Christian community, each week at camp is intense and often life-changing for campers, even though they may not be able to verbalize that until years later. Most campers come back again and again, and many go on to be volunteer Counselors and Deans or Summer Staff to give back to the place and to future campers.
Many former campers attribute their experiences here to the start of a lifelong faith journey.


At Horton Center, young people are encouraged to grow into emerging, spiritual leaders in their lives, in our churches, and in our world!  Who wouldn’t want that?!

Tim Hughes