Dec. 2020
Hello Horton Center Friends and Family!
    In this time of such uncertainty, we all long for the solidity that is our mountain top camp- Horton Center.
     There is nothing like the feeling of standing at Chapel Rock with the ancient rock beneath our feet and the stunningly beautiful panorama of the White Mountains laid out before us. We feel safe, grounded, and closer to God.  We are welcomed by a loving community that accepts us unconditionally.  We are connected to nature and so to our Creator.  Many lives have been changed and faith journeys begun at this “thin place” where, that which separates us from the divine is less somehow.
    I’m excited to drop the “Interim” from my job title and just be Executive Director for the next two years!  It may seem a strange time to be excited, and yet even with all our struggles, I see this as a time of great hope.  Hope that we will work together to prevail over the dreadful challenge facing us in this pandemic.  Hope that we find creative ways to honor and serve God as we worship “virtually” at our churches. Hope that we will get back up on Pine Mt. for the much-needed renewal of spirit and emotional growth that intentionally happens there.
    Tivvi Paré (Assistant/Summer Director) and I are carefully planning for in-person camp this summer and doing all we can to make sure it will be safe and healthy for everyone. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we do know that we will face it together and that when we do get there, Horton Center will be there to welcome us to the mountain to have once in a lifetime, mountaintop experiences, over and over again!
    Know that we are holding you all in our prayers and can’t wait to see you back at camp in 2021!  We are so ready!!
Tim Hughes,  Executive Director Horton Center