Donate to Horton Center

Horton Center is a beautiful spot on top of Pine Mountain with stunning views of the White Mountains – a great place to come away to! And as amazing as it is being in the midst of this great forest, it’s really the loving, faith community that is created each time campers come that changes their lives. Being out in God’s creation opens us up to where we can be vulnerable and take safe risks to meet new friends, get to know who we really are, and talk about how God works in and through each of us.

Imagine a young person being accepted and loved just as they are, and embraced by a community of their peers where it’s okay to talk about what you believe. And imagine how important that is to them as they grow into caring, committed adults in our churches and in our world!

Each year we give more scholarships out to more campers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come to camp.

Please prayerfully consider what you can give of the resources God has provided you, and give the gift of camp to our young people.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you up on the Mountain!


Tim Hughes
Executive Director, Horton Center