COVID Guidelines for 2022

We recognize that the current pandemic will probably still have an effect on camp in the summer of 2022. We are researching and keeping current on prevention requirements and best practices.  We anticipate modifications being made to many camp activities such as drop-off, pick-up, bunk assignments, meals, singing, physical contact or proximity, health checks and more.  We will be using a multi layered plan including (but not limited to): testing, masks, social distancing; more frequent and thorough cleaning; cohort groups; and staying outdoors as much as possible. As the science and understanding of how to minimize the spread and treat COVID19 continues to improve, we will adjust our plan accordingly. As much as we all want to get back up to camp, our top priority is to do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We will go to extraordinary measures at to keep our campers, volunteers, staff and families safe.

  • I am sure we will still have amazing, fun, faith-based community in spite of whatever we will do to keep everyone safe and healthy.  The inconveniences will be totally worth it to get to have Camp!

UPDATED 5/3/22

The staff at Horton Center are fine tuning plans for all the health and safety measures we are required by the state to have in place, as well as any further safety measures we feel necessary. We will be using the layered approach (see graphic) to reduce the risk of spread as much as possible.  There is no one precaution that will keep everyone safe, it’s using multiple layers that will keep us safe.  Similar to hiking in the mountains, multiple layers make us more adaptable, comfortable and prepared for whatever might come our way. Things are changing daily still so all we can be certain of is that they will continue to evolve.  Our plan will evolve to keep pace with best practices, the state requirements, CDC and ACA recommendations, and our medical team’s experience and wisdom for keeping everyone healthy. Rest assured camper safety has always been our priority and adding COVID to the mix just means some new things need to be put in place to achieve that imperative.  We’ve got this people.  Let’s have camp!  

Here are some things that are in place currently:


It is vital to your camper and everyone’s safety that your family takes extraordinary precautions during the 10 days before camp to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19: 

    • only go out if necessary 
    • wear a mask and social distance if there is any question of being around someone who is sick, especially if indoors
    • minimize indoor close contact (within 6 feet) with non-household members
    • wash hands frequently
    • stay outside socially distanced or masked if with non-household member
    • avoid in-person gatherings such as church, indoor concerts, restaurants, plays, etc.
  • Within 5 days of arrival all campers, volunteers and staff are encouraged to be tested with a COVID-19 test of either type. We prefer that proof of a negative result be emailed to camp before arrival.   


  • Parents/guardians will please remain in or near vehicles while onsite 
  • There will be a screening questionnaire about symptoms and potential recent exposure to COVID19 for campers to fill out upon arrival
  • Staff and counselors will be available to help campers move in to bunk rooms
  • It’s better to avoid carpooling with people not living together 



  • Required negative COVID19  nasal swab test done onsite upon arrival.                             
  • If anyone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp, they will be isolated and tested.
  • Any tests done after arrival day that are positive, camper must be isolated immediately and sent home.  Cabin mates may be sent home as well at the discretion of the Director and Nurse.
  • Anyone who is vaccinated will add another layer of protection for us all. We plan for all of our summer staff to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival at camp.